Fresh tomato
Xinjiang, due to its’ unique climate, make it one of most suitable regions for Tomato planting and growing. Our sun dried tomatoes, are just come from those highly rich Lycopene tomatoes.
WXQT-Leading Chinese Sun dried tomato
In August 2004 China, the first piece of sun dried tomato was cut by Mr. Wanbin-The general manager of Xinjiang Wanxuanqiantiao(WXQT) Agriculture Co., Ltd, which means China start to dry tomatoes in large scales. Now, WXQT is still the largest and strongest sun dried tomato manufacturer in China.

Although China’s sun dried tomato technology is mainly from Turkey & Italy, due to our unremitting efforts, we’re excelling our predecessors, for which, we’re really pround of. Now, our sun dried tomatoes are integrated with international standard, the highest quality would meet any demands you required.

In 2012, our total output for Sun Dried tomato products (including Halves, Strips, Diced and Powder) is 600MT. And in 2013 season, with factory’s area increased from 120,000 M2 to 187,000 M2, our production ability reached to 800MT. And in 2014 crop, due to our new equipment and technique, our quality will be in new level! We'll produce the best quality that we ever could.

In 2013 we opened the second industry - pepper products, because our company is located in  China's most high quality paprika  cultivation center, has the rich raw materials, we started to produce paprika pods with press bale, paprika powder, paprika seeds, paprika crushed and paprika pellets, all products are exported to Europ and USA.

WXQT is constantly growing,we strive to be your perfect partner !


We will be present Anugas Fair 2015 in Cologne (Germany). You can visit us in the Stand 1/H017 from 10 until October 14.