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WXQT-Leading Chinese Sun dried tomato
 Founded in April,2008, Xinjiang WXQT Agriculture Co., Ltd mainly engages in two red agriculture industries in Xinjiang.
Xinjiang Wanxuanqiantiao(WXQT) Agriculture Co. Ltdis a manufacturer and exporter of tomato products sweet paprika products, chili products which developing along with the” The Belt and Road “, , The factory is located in Korla, Xinjiang, it’s based on the origin of tomato and sweet paprika raw materials, forming a combination of two major red production and sales model.
I.Tomato products
 Our company is the largest sun dried tomato manufacturer, using the newest automatic drying equipment combined with natural drying, it’s also the maximum degree to keep the original flavor of tomatoes and improve the quality. and we developing the new products: sun dried tomato grade B、sun dried tomato granule grade B and dehydrated tomato granule, they all to meet the needs of different customers and reducing production costs. At the same time, our prices are also lower than Turkey, the United States, Italy and other production countries  
 II、Paprika products
   1. paprika products: compress packing dried paprika 、seed washing dried paprika crushed dried paprika 、8-12mesh crushed dried paprika、paprika powder 、paprika seed and paprika stem
Comparing with many Shandong /hebei manufacturer, we are located in the origin of tomato and paprika so we can get latest information about raw material and buying the best raw material
With “the Belt and Road "improving, we will sent our products to Madrid, Europe through railway in sep,2017, meanwhile ,the delivery date is shorted two thirds than sea shipping. Our offer is in line with the price of sea shipping;
 III、Chili products
The other series chili, for example, xian chili jinta chili etc, as a anther bright spot in our products
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Company objective: The best products + The best price + The best service=The best customers.