Agriculture Chemicals & Pesticides Controlling Measures
Agriculture Chemicals & Pesticides Controlling Measures
1.      Training records
2.      Pesticides & Fertilizersusage records
3.      Main insects & fungus control records
4.      Raw material base visiting & checking records
5.      Base’s Abnormal condition control and emergency measures records
6.      The records of raw material examination and traceability
7.      The records of Pesticides residue test
8.      The records of Epidemic disease control measures

Exported plant-derived foods’ raw material base information
1. Contractors & related raw material base
2. Environment condition
3. Management ability
   a. Planting technical support
   b. Pesticides & Fertilizers sources control
   c. Pesticides & Fertilizers’ keeping, storage, use training
   d. Pesticides & Fertilizers’ safe-handling measures and traceability measures
4. Raw material harvest & Loading control measures